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Pionnier de la musique ancienne en Italie, Alan Curtis, claveciniste et chef d’orchestre passe sa vie au service de cet art. Il enregistre de nombreux opéras, dont Giulio Cesare et Catone in Utica par mes soins.

« A good recording engineer should have the best available equipment, know all there is to know about using it, and have an exceptionally good ear, especially for intonation. An excellent one will in addition have the rare ability to help artists achieve their aims, without interfering with their intentions. The ideal person also has indefatigable energy, unending patience, speaks several common languages, and is able to inform even the most sensitive artist of his or her mistakes without offending them. Jean-Daniel Noir has it all. In addition, he is an extremely nice person with whom to work. Most of us whistle out-of-tune; Jean-Daniel can whistle exactly in tune or, more astonishingly, precisely as out-of-tune as something he has just heard, for purposes of demonstration.  if you want a product as perfect as you can imagine, and a first edit produced on time, in which there is very little of any consequence left to alter, then he is your man. »